Do You Feel Heavy With Negative Emotion? It May Be Time For a Spiritual Colonic

(Warning: I am a nurse and not afraid of potty talk).  

Ever take a big dump in the toilet and feel so amazingly light and better?  The stomach ache you were feeling suddenly went away, along with the weight and lethargy of your body because you’ve removed the junk and toxins.  This wonderful feeling is referred to as poo-phoria, an emotional high that occurs after the body literally gets the shit out!

Here’s another healthy option for getting the shit out….write about it in a journal.  Just as taking a poo is natural and medically therapeutic, journaling has been shown through evidence based practice to elevate our euphoria and provide an outlet for decreasing stress.  Journaling about your emotional responses to events that have happened in your life is an excellent prescription for healing and of coping with stress.  

Just in itself, self-expression through venting and bitching feels great.  I mean, who doesn’t want to bitch-slap their ex for being such a user or tell their good for nothing boss to go take a flying fuck?  I once threw my wedding ring in my husbands beer and told him to go choke on it, so while the consequences to our actions in life are real (I am not married to him anymore), I have found that what I call emotional dump journaling can offload the stress you feel inside without the consequences of being arrested for assault or being fired.  

* Jenn Journals

* What an asshole!  I don’t know what inspired my husband to bring her into my home, as opposed to another secretive lovers lane location, and I can’t say that I honestly know why he needs her over me.  Besides the fact that I am six years older than her, have my first case of adult onset acne at the ripe age of 33, and am overworked and overstressed.  Of course I know it bothers my unemployed husband that when I come home from the hospital, tired, not wanting to make dinner and when he asks me what I want to eat, I say to him,  “I’ve just spent twelve hours making decisions for other people and care-taking them, I really want you to make the decision”.  

His response, “Baby, I don’t want to tell you what you want, I want you to tell me what you want”.  

“I just did (insert totally pissed off annoyed face here).  I told you I wanted you to take some initiative.  Knock my socks off, make me a fucking pizza, cook me a peppered steak, order me take-out.  I don’t really care, I’m just tired and I don’t want to make another kind of simple decision for someone else”.  

I guess now I know why he wants another woman. *  

While I may have felt that my husband didn’t listen to me, my journal did.  My journal let me be all of me, every nasty, mean, spiteful, whining, “God I wish I were over this already”, complaining type of person.  It does not judge me and my journal is a way better rebound love affair to get over a break-up or cope with the other “up and down” relationships in life. 

Here are three reasons for you to start emotional dump journaling this week:

1.  Emotional dump journaling is venting on paper.  Venting is “letting off steam” by giving yourself a voice and free expression to say what you really want to say and emotionally feel.  When you allow yourself time vent your feelings and get them out on paper, you will feel a release inside.  You don’t have to keep that story in your inner library, instead you have filed it on paper and released it to the outside world.

2.  Emotional dump journaling as a therapeutic process will help you speed up your recovery and build a stronger sense of self-identity.  Once the feelings are outside of yourself, you can see it more objectively and learn how to shift into a new way of looking at things.  Once you are looking at things objectively, you can then decide new things, like maybe it is time for a change!  The new perspective will give new opportunities for new choices.

3.  Letting go of the shit inside will heal the inside.  The toxic energy you have released will begin to heal your body physically and emotionally.  Medical research proves that writing about troubling issues boosts our immune system and improves our emotional health. 

Emotional dump journaling….For 15 minutes write about something that bothers you, whether it be an event or emotion.  When you are finished, I’m curious to know if you were shocked by how much came out during those 15 minutes?  Did you struggle to write anything at all?  If you feel that there is something for you to explore here, drop me an email and let’s chat about it.

A spiritual colonic through the process of emotional dump journaling can help you to process what you are really feeling and help you explore more positive reframing options.  

What is no longer necessary in your life needs to go, but let it go as natural as a poop, with a little effort and a big sigh of relief.  

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