Painful Moments Are Really Meant to Stimulate Spiritual Ascension

When I first began my spiritual awakening, I became aware of a lot of terms I was not familiar with.  “Leveling up”, “ascending”, “raising my vibration”, “tectonic shifts of transformation”, and a “paradigm shift”.  My spiritual awakening began after I left my ex-husband when I was completely lost and out of sorts.  I was looking for answers.  At the advice of a friend who told me to go see a psychic, I felt I had nothing more to lose and, “why not?”. 

The very first visit I had with a psychic, she plugged into my energy and told me that for the first time in my life, I was becoming more “awake” and that my ego was going to go kicking and screaming because my soul wanted me to ascend.  I was leveling up with a new paradigm shift.  “Huh”?

Being an overly rational person, I had no idea or clue what these terms meant and what this psychic woman was even talking about.  As far as I knew, I enjoyed sleeping and I certainly wasn’t sure about this leveling up idea.  I’m not in a video game, I don’t get more than one life and I don’t pass from level to level.  

But the more my soul resonated with these words and my ego’s analogy to Super Mario, it began to make sense.  Living through the lens of a video-game, my ex-husband was the perfect opponent to help me learn lessons, pass to new levels of understanding, and gain enough experience points to achieve a new maturity.  I decided to figure out what these ascension terms were and what they meant for me on a practical level.

In the most practical terms, ascension is a conscious choice to engage in your own life’s evolution.  It is heightened awareness of your inner wisdom, knowledge, and a connection to divine aspects of your Self, which have been dormant for many, many years and perhaps lifetimes.  Because it is transforming through many layers, like tectonic shifts of your inner physical matter, the ascension process has an impact on your entire being.  It creates shifts, in the ways you think, how you perceive, relate to, and interact with the world around you.  

*Jenn Journals – 2009

The earthquake of my divorce has left my inner landscape torn apart along a fault-line, apparently a fault of my own, leaving a jagged series of fractures.  Who am I now?  Why do I feel like everything is moving and I have no solid ground?  The shifting of hot inferno magma below the surface of my skin and deep into my core has created unsettled transformation. 

All moments of change have some level of an aftershock.  The shock and upheaval of some life events can’t be measured by a simple Richter scale, but felt in the recess of the heart.  An organ meant to beat and take a beating, struck by grief in heartbreak and other affairs of the heart.  But, I suppose the shifting inside creates new opportunities upon which to build new realities”.    

A huge part of ascension is “leveling up” or “raising your vibration”, that occurs from physically releasing, integrating, and healing your past wounds, energetic blockages, beliefs, fears, and limitations.  This involves a lot of self work, self healing, and self permission of emotional freedom to allow any feelings that come up to be let out through tears, anger, sadness….the whole spectrum of emotional energy.  It is painful work, and not something everyone will choose to do.  

The main key to ascension is awareness.  Being aware is your most valuable resource, so one of the best things you can do for yourself is to make a commitment to take control of your attention and become more and more aware of the pieces of you that want to evolve to meet the demands of your higher level of consciousness.  Put down your smart phone, pick up a journal, write, and just be and breathe.  Learn to meditate and pause your mind.   Ascension is a total transformative process, the internal shifts of your physical matter breaking loose from the lead weight of the old emotional pain kept inside. 

Not everyone will spiritually awaken in this lifetime, I feel it has to do with how mature your own soul is.  Over lifetimes, the knowledge we acquire is additive, as according to the First Law of Thermodynamics: Energy can be transformed from one form to another, but can be neither created nor destroyed.  Your energy builds on itself with each life you live. 

Some souls are newer in development, while some souls are older in development, hence the expression, “an old soul”.  I have no doubt, if you are searching within and searching for things like this article to read (I searched all the time) and if it resonates with you, the stage is set for you!  You are ready!  You are ready to open up to the fact that your enlightened and illuminated self already exists. 

Now is the time to awaken.  Pick up your journal and start the investigatory process into you.  You are a unique and powerful being meant to shine light into this world.  

Elevate your vibration through spiritual practice, meditation, journaling, calling upon the light, trusting in your inner tectonic shifts of transformation, and know that your DNA is activating into new growth. 

You are bringing your spiritual power into the physical and that is well worth the effort.  

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