Self Love Evidence: There’s an “I” in Happiness

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

I live alone with a cat and I love this about myself. I don’t have a statistically normal house full of kids pulling at my leg for my undivided attention. I have moments of solitude that allow me to engage in my version of creative self care.

Yesterday, I went outside to the backyard of my apartment to lay in the sun in my underwear.  It was a gorgeous Seattle sunny summer day, mid eighties, with stark blue sky and a mild breeze.  I felt brazen with a layer of excitement, as I didn’t care what anyone else thought or could have thought about my body in my underwear, as I rested on the plastic straps of the chaise-lounge. I embraced the moment to give myself permission to relax.  Breathing deeply in and out, I repeated to myself, “This is fantastic, the weather is beautiful and I am beautiful. I am happy exactly the way I am”. 

Self-care is my prescription to a happy life.  It’s like spiritual basic life support.  In fact, just looking at the spelling of the word happiness, it has an “I” smack dab in the middle.  The entire balance of the word rests on the “I”.  Being mindful to the self, in whatever form that looks like…married, single, kids, no kids, pets, no pets, underwear, no underwear…the way in which you care for yourself influences everything else in your happiness factor.

Your happiness actually depends much more on your attitude than it does on objective, external circumstances. Happiness isn’t just a state of being; it’s an inside job and inner mentality.  Happiness is the ability to take what life gives you and to personalize it in a way that helps you.  

There’s a reason there is an ‘I’ in the word happiness. 

So, start with what makes you happy? How are you caring for yourself this week?

Do you feel a calling to start that new yoga practice or book a trip to the ocean? How about scheduling time out of your calendar to block off an hour for that run you’ve been meaning to do? What about something as simple as seeing a new scented candle at the end rack of the grocery store and instead of being annoyed at the marketing tactic placement, picking one up to light at dinner? It’s time to create a new atmosphere; it’s time to feed your soul. Remember, life doesn’t create excuses, you do.

If you love yourself and find what makes you happy, take time out of your busy day and just do it.  Feed your soul.  Please, love and care for yourself.  Be the happiness you wish to find in the world.  Happily ever after-all, there is an “I” in happiness.

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