What If an Unexpected Change of Plans is Really a Spiritual Redirection For Your Benefit?

A few years after I got divorced, I made plans to take myself to Hawaii for a travel nursing contract.  I thought to myself, “How great would it be to take a work vacation” and I wrote down in my manifesting journal, “take a relaxing travel nursing assignment in Hawaii.”  I contacted my agency, organized out the details, and then packed my suitcase for three months of work.  

My agency set me up in a furnished 9th floor rental apartment in Waikiki, an apartment that overlooked other high-rise hotels and the distant surfing beach.  In an area I knew  buzzed after dark with waterside cocktail bars and hula shows, I was buzzing with my own personal mixtures of anxiety and gratitude from my 9th floor lanai.  I was a little nervous to be all by myself, but I had made a dream destination come true!

In true form of synchronicity and spiritual redirection, I was on that island for two weeks without having one day of paid nursing work.  Instead, of working to make money like I had planned, I was unexpectedly canceled from every shift I was scheduled for and was gifted the time to spend with myself. 

I got what I wanted, a relaxing travel nursing assignment, although I never had one day of paid work.  Not being paid a financial salary made my anxiety even more acute, but it gave me the opportunity to find the currency of myself by using the time to journal.  

It was late one Sunday night. I sat on the floor of the apartment, closed my eyes in a mild meditation, and picked up my pen to journal.  I wanted to know what this moment and my anxiety had to teach me. 

I didn’t even know what I was consciously doing, it was like something else grabbed my pen. The above drawing came through me, through my body, and on to the paper.  I was birthing inner wisdom I didn’t even know I had.  It taught me, “This is how anxiety has been frying my system”. 

While I never ended up working one nursing shift on that island and eventually had to cut my trip short, the spiritual redirection of being in Hawaii to rest, relax in the sun, and get to know previously undiscovered parts of myself was an undeniable benefit.  

I want to give you the two most profound things I received from this trip:

Your spirit will always give you what you need.

The change in plans or what we call “redirections” in life are always for our benefit.  Out of a redirection comes a totally unexpected opportunity.  So I didn’t get the job I wanted, but I got what I needed from my spirit.  Here I was in Hawaii, a place known for love, peace, rejuvenation, healing, and instead of a job, I received an excellent healing opportunity for myself.  Hawaii turned into a spiritual redirection and a gorgeous moment of discovering more about what life wanted from me.  Let go of any expectations in the moment and let your spirit give you what it needs.  

It truly is 50% giving and 50% receiving that makes up the 100% of you.  

You get back what you put out.  In order to give, one must receive.  That’s the way any complete system works.  For everything you put out into the Universe, you will find it returns right back to you, and not always in the way you think.  The place to start is to give the love you wish to receive from others to yourself first.  And then when you give love to others, you will receive love in return.  This is simply the Law of Reciprocity in action.  Spirit wants to give to you and it is always for your benefit.  

When life changes direction, let the spiritual redirection be an unseen blessing.  Get out there and be on your road in life, while being open to detours of discovery.  Receive unexpected moments by letting it talk to you and see what it has to say.  I promise, the open road and travel within you can be your best, and favorite, destination. 

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