A “Bubble of Light” Shield: A Helpful Tool for Empaths

“Put yourself in a bubble of light”.  These are the healing words my mom spoke, for it was not uncommon for me to go to school, to a friend’s house, or even just be at home and be worried about something.  A youngster filled with stomach aches, or sometimes crying for no specific reason at all, I was often confused or overwhelmed by the incoming information and sensations my body received that my mind didn’t understand. 

Today I recognize that I am an Empath, that is a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.  Because of this empathetic quality, I’ve had to use my mom’s wisdom and develop a personal practice of energetic shielding. 

Consider this:  My work as an ER nurse is extremely emotionally taxing and physically exhausting.  Coupled with being an intuitive empath, this has often been a recipe for disaster. 

Working in a high stress environment has caused me to experience anxiety at work, as well as situations where I have taken on the energy on my patients.  I remember one day, a patient came in who had lost a lot of blood and was very pale after having a miscarriage at home.  After she was settled on the hospital stretcher and I was working near her energy field, I could feel her weakness and faintness.  I had to leave to leave the room and run to the bathroom to find a mirror to double check my facial color and my pulse because I felt like I was going to pass out.  The energy in her room was too much for me, not only from her physiology, but from her emotional trauma.  Not very useful to be the unshielded empathetic nurse and the person who is supposed to be helping, when all I wanted to do was basically scoot the patient over and lay beside them on the gurney. 

Conclusion:  Shielding from negative and lower energy is beneficial for energetic, emotional, and physical health.  Shielding allows you to keep an energetic boundary from a person or situation without bleeding your heart and needing your own sort of resuscitation.

A bubble, or a bubble of light, is an energy shield you can place yourself in for protection against negative human energies.  You can ‘bubble up’ every day or just when you feel it’s needed (i.e., before you go into an energetically charged environment).   I now bubble up each day I work and I ask that my shield remain in place for my full 12 hour shift.

To create an energy shield you must use the power of your mind combined with your belief.  It’s mind with matter.  I start by taking a deep breath while closing my eyes and internally focus on and feel an image of a bubble of light around me.   

The Bubble of Light technique makes a perfect beginner shield for Empaths: 

step 1. sit or stand with your feet firmly planted on the floor.

step 2. place your palms facing up and close your eyes.

step 3. take 3 deep breaths. 

step 4. visualize the bubble around you. 

step 5. say to yourself, “I am shielded from all negative energy and I am shielded from all harm”.


You can use this Bubble of Light shield on a daily basis or invoke the shield prior to entering a negative situation like with a negative coworker, a toxic neighbor, or having to deal with a lot of clients at work.  This shield will protect from you absorbing any of their negativity.  You can also use an energy shield for your car, home, or office.  

This practice helped me solidify my energy as my own and keeps out the energy of my patients, so I don’t have to feel it.  With this practice, I feel more vibrant and healthy while working and for that, both I and my patients are grateful.  

Jenn Maronek

Nurse | Blogger | Coach | Author

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