An Interview with Your Body: A Broken Heart

As an ER nurse, one of the most common emergency situations I deal with are people who are dealing with a physically broken heart. In these moments, getting insight into exactly what is happening and how severe it is becomes the most urgent place to focus. Recently, a 50 year old man came into my emergency department and when placed on a heart monitor, it showed a fatal heart rhythm. Within minutes, this man died from an aortic dissection, a heart that broke in half.

From what I learned about this man after he died, he had been very isolated. In fact, it was his estranged eldest sister who called looking for him after she found out from a “friend of a friend” that he had been taken to the hospital. This man…her brother…had disconnected himself from his entire family and his children for over seven years. No phone calls, no letters, no emails. He lived alone and he cut himself off from his family, he dis”membered” himself from the group, and stopped keeping company with his heartfelt tribe. These were the things in his story, in his energy that told the medical intuitive in me a bigger picture. What about this man had himself so cut off from his vital flow and life support of his family? What about him caused such a break off from the heart of who he was?

These questions echoed in my mind while I stood beside this stranger on the gurney, suddenly transported in a flashback to an image of my self nine years ago. I saw her image, standing. She was me, I was her. She was the person who feared connecting to other people and would run away from emotionally challenging situations. She ran and ran, until she eventually ran into a mate whose wounds blended perfectly with her own. She then stuck to him like glue. I look at that former self and she was a lost soul. She wanted connection to avoid feeling lonely, scared, insecure, and extremely unloved, but she was codependent on someone else. She feared that if she didn’t have a relationship, she would die. That she would cease to exist, lost without it and lost within it.

Snapping out of my flashback, I knew that energy doesn’t lie. The body speaks and the universe speaks. This patient was a reminder, you have to rescue and heal your own broken heart.

Here are three powerful messages I got from this interaction with the universe speaking to me:

Don’t cut yourself off from vital life flow!
Whether that means family, friends, passions…find your version of the things that make your life happy and don’t cut yourself off from them. Figure out why you want to run away and then choose to find ways that are safe for you to stay active and engaged, full of positive energy to the things you love the most. Life is WAY too short to be unhappy.

Life provides opportunities for support.
One of the most important things you can do to nurture and support yourself is to seek out personal development opportunities. What’s in your heart and how can you live it to the fullest? Maybe joining a support group or finding a community of like minded people. It can be anything of your heart’s desire from building a new skill, to simply pursuing a passion that inspires you.

Life is for the living!
Life is to be lived by immersing fully into the heart of yourself. Get outside, feel into yourself and the world. Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? Know you belong here and that life loves you. Long term grief, bitterness, and sadness turn us cold and gray, both figuratively and literally, so choose to support yourself with love, before you end up needing life support.

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