An Interview with Your Body: Headaches

I heard the expression once that western medicine considers the body a machine, while holistic medicine considers the body a garden.  I love this metaphor because in my work as a more western based nurse for the past 14 years, I have learned through my experiences with patients a lot about the human body, but as a metaphysical intuitive I’ve also learned a lot about a person’s spirit. 

In fact, we are like gardens.  People sprout ideas, dig up old roots of pain, and grow out of old small limiting containers into new expressions of themselves all the time.  People are a combination of a non-physical human spirit living in a physical human body.  

Doctors, nurses, pharmacy, blood work, X-rays, and CT scans are all necessary and needed components to health disease processes at particular times.  However, on the spectrum of health, these tools take the spiritual out of the equation and only look at the physical side.  These tools are used to react to serious health issues and complications in determining where the human machine broke down.   

In moving to a model of preventative, holistic health where there is less and less need to react, I encourage people to listen to their bodies.  The body speaks its internal wisdom all the time and there is so much more beneath the surface.  Holistic medicine recognizes this idea because it knows that the the body is a complex system affected equally by both internal and external factors.  It emphasizes the body’s own ability to heal itself, as well as promoting healthy lifestyle changes.  

Over the years, I have learned how to dig below the surface of my patients, into their soil,  “reading my patients energy”, in that I can tell when their reason for visit isn’t actually the whole story.  

You are a combination of a non-physical human spirit living in a physical human body.  

Case example of patient “headache”:

It’s the things people do and say and they don’t even know it.  I worked with a female patient in the ER who had chronic, relentless headaches.  She had worked with the Chronic Pain Service and the Neurology/Headache clinic for months.  She had every study done from basic labs, to a CT scan, and later to MRI and nothing was found to be wrong with her.   So, her doctors wrote her a care-plan of medications, which included narcotic pain medications and anti-nausea medication.  Both of those medicines worked on the receptors in her brain to try and suppress the pain, but it would not cure.  As her nurse who wanted to see the whole picture, I was sickened by the number of medications I was pumping into her body, all when nothing “wrong” or a formal diagnosis was ever determined.  

One day I as I prepping her medications and getting an IV started for her fluids and IV pain medications, I began to talk with her to find out more about what was going on for her.  This was a high executive person who had little time for “down time” in her life and felt like her personality didn’t fit with the engrained culture of her current place of employment.  As we were talking, she said to me, “I work over 40 hours a week in a company that is very outward and appreciates extroverts.  I am more of an introvert.  I want to help others in the world, but I am banging my head against a wall, trying to figure out what to do with the fact that I don’t feel like I fit in my current company”.   

“Banging my head against a wall”!!  Even though she meant this figuratively, it made literal sense to her body.  She was wasting time trying to figure out why her current company wasn’t fitting for her and she was fighting against her natural grain in something that felt completely hopeless.  Her body’s energetic system sensed this inner resistance and metaphorical expression of frustration that ultimately alluded to a physical expression of headaches.  I reflected her words back to her that her body was speaking and she literally had an “ah-ha” moment. 

Patient “headache” checked into the ER less and less and eventually, for the last time when she “checked in” with me.  She came to the ED that last day to tell me that after our conversation, she began looking at her job and really made that connection within herself that she was trying to fit herself into a company she really didn’t want to be in.  She listened to her body and stopped “banging her head against the wall” and quit her job.  She found another, more meaningful job at a local philanthropic company that was smaller and appreciated introverts.  Oh and yes, her headaches went away.  

If you are stuck with a health ailment that won’t go away, start writing about it and see what message it has for you.  Your life is meant to be a state of optimal health!  You can also reach out to me for coaching and a distance reiki treatment!  

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