What to Know About The Basics of Energy Medicine

We are all living beings with major organs, flesh, and the blood, sweat, and tears that make us healthy, vital individuals.  We are born from a mother and a father and their combined DNA.  We carry in us the genetic imprinting of our parents that code how and what we will look like and some of this DNA can give us predisposition to certain health ailments.  We are also spiritual, energetic beings and so it is also true that we carry the energetic imprint of our parents.  Most of us don’t give credit to the energetic systems we are born into, but let me give you a scenario to illustrate my point.

Say your mother was an unhappy person who gave up on herself over and over and didn’t achieve the dreams that she wanted.  She worked in a job she hated, she got a divorce and raised you as a single parent.  She drank too much trying to suppress the fear, shame, and sadness in her heart and around her heart and she died eventually from heart failure.  Before she died, she passed on to you the energy of what she said and did in life, the lessons that “life isn’t fair”, “love doesn’t last” and while you might stay sober in life, she nonetheless instilled in you her false beliefs.  None of her experiences were inherently wrong, but they are inherited wrongly leaving you feeling doubtful and lost, with the possibility to create repeating life outcomes.

In this scenario, this “mother” made her choices unconsciously.  She had learned from her mother, who learned from her mother, etc… how to spend her life plugging and chugging through the best she knew how, but she was lying to herself and not actively engaging with her internal emotions.  She led an unfulfilled life carrying the lower vibrational energies in her body of hate, shame, fear, resentment, sadness, and guilt.  

These heart centered energies in her body permeated her thoughts, her emotions, and eventually her physical flesh.  Overtime, they weakened her immunity and her heart.  She had completely dismissed the higher vibrations of love, joy, freedom, forgiveness, and self-acceptance.  Instead, she carried within her spiritual “residue” of struggle with an uncaring attitude towards herself and her life.  

It is not surprising that in the world of biochemistry and molecular biology, “residue” refers to the single units of polymers that make up the proteins of nucleic acids of DNA.  This is to say, in the metaphysical epigenetic realm, this mothers genetics were altered from family generations of bathing themselves in lower vibrational energy.  These were the same genes she passed on to you.

Now as an adult, you go to the doctor and they will ask you health questions, give you a physical exam, and based on your mother’s history of “heart failure”, they may even prescribe you medications to help you avoid this predisposition.  But, her fate is not necessarily your destiny.  

As a nurse and a medical intuitive, I get that we are part biology with a fleshy body that lives with bacteria, microbes, and environmental stimuli and we are part spirit that responds to the forces of energy that move through us.  We are biological and spiritual beings and the longer we bathe in the lower energies in life, the more we have a chance to make it into our genes.  If we allow the lower energetic vibrations of self loathing, hate, shame, fear, anxiety, and guilt to live permanently in our bodies, it can change our DNA.  

So, if we live with the DNA and energy of our parents, then how can we move beyond our predispositions?  Good health and energy medicine means feeling emotions and moving with them.  In order to move with them, you have to be conscious that they exist in the first place. 

If you want to begin to change your health:

  • Be awake to the things you tell yourself on a daily basis. 
  • Take out a health journal and write stuff down. 

For instance, ask yourself:

If you mother had heart failure, how are you failing your own heart? 

Are you being vital everyday to exercise your body and your free will? 

Are you living in a way that makes you happy? 

How does your body physically feel?  

The first step in any healing process is to be aware, to be AWAKE.  Be aware of the choices you make.  Be aware of the kind of daily habits you have. 

Learning to unconditionally love yourself is essential for your healing and fulfillment in life. Healing wounds, curing our own sicknesses, and maintaining optimum health is a practice through the development of self-love.  It all starts with you.  Let your parents health be the teacher, not the fated lesson. 

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