The Story of Jenn Maronek, Metaphysical Healer

My name is Jenn Maronek, RN. I am an author, blogger, and health advocate with a double bachelor’s degree in nursing and zoology. As a certified emergency nurse, I am qualified to administer urgent medical care. However, it is my role as an intuitive spiritual warrior that I am most proud of.

Not many people know this, but I am a recovering codependent and perfectionist who suffered from terrible anxiety. The adversity I underwent acted as the catalyst for me to unleash my inner power and strength. It also helped me realize that I have a deep love for helping others. This inspired me to create a constructive platform of motivation that helps individuals achieve a balanced and spiritually successful life.

Overcoming Adversity

Years ago, I was unaware of how unhealthy I and my marriage were. Taking care of others was second nature to me because of my profession. Sadly, I failed to take care of myself. Despite living with anxiety and stomach problems, I still managed to ignore my own needs. It is fortunate that this didn’t last.

The universe set me up for a better life in the most unexpected of ways—getting divorced. As my identity crumbled around me, so, too, did my world become rocked to its very core. It was then that a force within me pulled me to make a decision to start a new life—one that took me on the road to self-discovery.

An Epiphany

I was eventually inspired to write down my thoughts and emotions once again in my journal. At the same time, I also began noticing patterns around my patients. This was something quite different from the basic medical knowledge that I possessed as a nurse. Little did I know that this would open a door that would lead to energy intuition. The wisdom I gained from this realization helped me heal my life.

Self-Love—Healing From Within

Born an empath and a medium, I neglected my skills for many years as I plowed through the heavy, murky energies that life presented. This caused me to develop distrust for myself. I eventually transformed into an energy chameleon, shifting into what I thought others needed me to be.

Suffice it to say, I was lost. It took experiencing deep grief for me to discover what I needed to do to become self-sufficient. In time, I learned to really trust myself. This also helped me realize that the true spirit of independence is listening to what our souls want—freedom that is unhindered by our doubts and anxieties.

A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality

In addition to being a registered nurse, I am a Reiki practitioner, medium, and metaphysical healer. By blending western medicine and eastern healing, I was able to create a spiritual and scientific path to healing.

It is important to recognize that science and spirituality often say the same thing, albeit in different ways. It is my goal to bridge these two worlds together in order to help people develop their sense of self and improve their health. With my help, you will understand that you are having a spiritual experience in an otherwise physical world. I dubbed this new way of living as being a “cosmospolitan.”

The Power of Belief

For the past 14 years of my professional nursing career, I was unwittingly downloading information from spirits. They taught me about the power of energy and how it makes a difference in the health of the self. I learned that the energy we choose to live in, be around in, and incorporate into our corporeal bodies affects us. Belief changes the intracellular dynamics of our physical forms, leading to manifestations such as sickness.

Be a star. A young woman in a business suit with a big black star in hand, concept

The Frequency of “You”

“You” stands for your own uniqueness. Who you are as a person and the level of health you can achieve is distinct to you and you alone. Once you stop getting in your own way, your true self will shine as radiantly as possible.

Old energies are safe because these are comfortable. Think of it as the same power you’ve been living with for years. Thus, it has become what you and others expect. Instead of wallowing in this, I urge you to detach. This will enable you to become more alive and vibrant than ever.

Allow Me to Guide You

Let me help you achieve awareness, improve your health, and find your soul’s purpose in this world. The spirit of wisdom will live within you, pregnant with knowledge and ready to give birth in divine and due time. Embark on your journey toward a spiritually successful adult life by reaching out to me today.

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